Windows into the Sociology of Religion : 18 Mar-8 Apr, Truro

Mons 18 Mar-8 Apr, 10am-noon, 2-4pm or 7.30-9.30pm

Truro Cathedral, Old Cathedral School, St Luke’s Room

If you were to begin by asking yourself ‘what impact does religion have on society’? Or, indeed offer the alternative question ‘what impact does society have on religion’ you will almost certainly find yourself dealing with issues raised in the discipline of the sociology of religion – defined as the study of the practices, social structures, historical backgrounds, universal themes and roles of religion in society. This brief introductory course (4 sessions) explores some of these things and ponders societal trends that effect the place of religion in our nation and our world today.
The course will run for four weeks on Mondays 18 & 25 March and 1 & 8 April in the usual time slots of 10am-12 noon, 2pm-4pm and 7.30pm-9.30pm, (choose one to suit you) and will be taught in the St Luke’s Room of the Old Cathedral School. The cost will be £15 per person (payable at first session).

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