The Filling Station : Programme 2018

Filling Station Programme for 2018

follow theme links for written report. Recordings of most talks are available on CD on request to Alan Bell; some can be downloaded by clicking linked names

Mon Speaker Theme Location Music Testimony Prayer Meeting
8 Jan Gordon Smyth Healing Penmorvah Mark Grove Annette Bell Wed 3 Jan
5 Feb Andy Stayne Understanding Prophecy Penmorvah Mark Grove David Kessell Tue 30 Jan
5 Mar David White The Love of God Penmorvah Budock Troubadours Jon White Tue 27 Feb
9 Apr Jeannette Preston Faith in Action Penmorvah Mark Grove Andrew Keast Tue 3 Apr
Tue 8 May Matt Parsons Understanding the Trinity Budock Budock Troubadours Jan Winslade Tue 1 May
4 Jun Chris Thomson We live in the times of the King All Saints Mark Grove Rose Lartey Tue 29 May
9 Jul Richard Curnow The Thrill of Prayer All Saints Budock Troubadours Roy Hendy Tue 3 Jul
17 Sep Howard Peskett Psalm 145 and the joy of Bible Study Penmorvah Mark Grove Ben Morgan Lundie Wed 12 Sep
29 Oct Bill Stuart White The Gospel, The greatest message Penmorvah Matt Parry Matt Parry Wed 24 Oct
Tue 27 Nov Russell Blacker Persecution issues; what is God saying to our Church? Penmorvah  Geoff Bennett David Cummings Wed 21 Nov