The Filling Station : Programme 2017

Filling Station Programme for 2017

Date (Mon) Speaker Theme Location Testimony Prayer Meeting
09/01/2017 Gordon Smyth The Covenant Penmorvah Polly Smyth 05/01/17
13/02/2017 Chris Goldsmith Love one another


Penmorvah Alex Marshall 09/02/17
13/03/2017 Nick Crawley How to grow in the prophetic Penmorvah Geoff Davis

Alex Marshall

03/04/2017 Geoff Davis The Good News Penmorvah Rod Salvage 28/03/17
15/05/2017 David White How to be filled with the Spirit All Saints Melanie Cookman 09/05/17
19/06/2017 Geraldine Ashton Being a Disciple Today All Saints Lynne Heard 13/06/17
17/07/2017 Richard Fothergill Prayer Ministry


All Saints Rose Goodship 11/07/17
25/09/2017 Bob Dunnett How to read the Bible for all its worth Penmorvah Alan Offord 20/09/17
23/10/2017 Alan Offord The Good News Penmorvah Geoffrey Bennett 18/10/17
27/11/2017 Grace Turner The Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven Penmorvah Geraldine Ashton 22/11/17