The Filling Station, Mon 19 Oct

7.30-9.30pm, Penmorvah Manor Hotel TR11 SEDtfs_logo@2x

Speaker: Patrick Whitworth

Patrick is Rector of All Saints Weston in Bath. He was a curate at Holy Trinity Brompton for five years. He saw considerable church growth in his first church in Gypsy Hill, London, before his present post since 1995. He writes courses and has seven books published. He will be giving a talk based n ‘Grace and Truth’ which is a theme in his latest book ‘A word from the Throne’.

This theme should not only steady and encourage those who fully belive in the Lord, but also those who are seeking comfort, solace and peace frm this present world which offers no hope in the furure.

Everybody is welcome, no-one is excluded. The Filling Station is especially  for all faiths and none.

The Penmorvah is a warm, welcoming, relaxed, comfortable venue. We have a cafe-style atmosphere with hot coffee (or tea) and muffin.

To get to Penmorvah by car, if you do not have Sat-nav, just follow the red ‘droplet’ (logo above). They will appear on the day we meet, on the Bickland Water Road and in Budock.

If you require transport to the hotel, it can be arranged, just phone 01326 378065 and we will sort it out.

If you would feel happier with someone you know, why not bring a friend, or two, it is all free!