New FPCT Executive elected

At the 2018 AGM on 3 July, we sadly bid farewell to our outgoing Chair, Jan Winslade, Vice-chair Revd Pat Whittaker and Executive Member Mary Bradley, warmly thanking them for all their support for FPCT over many years. Although no longer serving on the Executive, they will all continue to be active in FPCT activities so it is not goodbye!
Our Secretary, Rose Lartey, is also standing down as she will be leaving Falmouth shortly to pursue the next stage in her career, so we are looking for a new Secretary: any suggestions of those who might be interested will be very gratefully received!

We are delighted to welcome our new officers: Revd Robbie Bowen (Methodist) as our Chair, Revd Stephen Tudgey (Anglican) as Vice-chair, and Executive Members Revd Amanda Evans (Anglican) and Jo Crook (Highway). They join continuing members David Arrondelle (Treasurer, Anglican), Lesley Chandler (Quakers), re-elected for a second term of three years, Jane Charman (Anglican) and Euan McPhee (Methodist).
Executive has created a new position of Public Relations Co-ordinator, in recognition of the growing importance of this role; it will be filled initially by Roger Mills (Anglican).
There remain two ministerial and one lay positions vacant on the Executive, which may be filled at next year’s AGM or by co-option in the current year, so if anyone is keen to join, please get in touch!

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