Migrant Crisis in Calais : Collection point open for items URGENTLY needed, Truro, 9-13 Aug

All Saints Highertown Church, Truro  http://www.asht.org.uk/where-we-are.html will be a collection point for donations to help the migrant crisis in Calais.

Please bring clothes, shoes, blankets, towels, tents, sleeping bags, and toiletries.

Please note there is a tight timescale for the donations from 9th August to Saturday, 15th August.  For enquiries please contact Revd Jeremy Putnam jeremyjputnam@gmail.com.

Media coverage given to the situation in Calais has been centred on the immigration issue, rather than the humanitarian issue; the latter is very real. Currently 5000 immigrants escaping conflict zones such as as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Libya and Syria are congregating in Calais in the desperate hope of starting a new life in Britain. They are living in diabolical conditions, suffering awful health problems as a result. These include serious skin problems, gangrene, breathing difficulties and severe cases of diarrhoea.

Leigh Daynes, Executive Director of the uk charity ‘Doctors in the World’ said, “I’ve visited the wretched refugee camps in Darfur and I’ve walked around post-earthquake Haiti. But in all my years of working in aid and development, I’ve never been as shocked as the day I met a group of 10-year-old Syrian boys, riddled with scabies, huddled together in a rain-sodden ditch under scraps of tarpaulin [in a lorry park in Calais].”

The UK government’s answer was to build a wall 1 mile long. Europe does not need another wall. It needs compassion.
Your donations will be collected from Sunday 9th until Saturday 15th August. Please leave them in the lobby area of the church, through the main doors. And then arrangements will be made for our donations to join others made around the country to help the migrants in Calais. We might even be taking a van ourselves! (Rev JP)