A few years ago we realised that the Church was failing to reach children with the Christian message, not least because most of the Churches in Falmouth didn’t have a children’s ministry. We couldn’t just sit back and forget about the kids who hadn’t experienced the love of Jesus. If they weren’t coming to church, then we had to go out to them to share the gospel. So we decided to try and do some things outside the Church environment.

Kidz Klubs

We started an after-school Kidz Klub in Falmouth Primary School. It runs from 3.15–5pm and is a fast-moving event, using games, video/DVD clips – all with a touch of fun and noise!

In September 2006 another Kidz Klub started at King Charles School. In both Klubs, between 40 and 60 children attend. Each child is given a worksheet to take home with them, and is visited by a Kidz Klub leader at home on a regular basis. We aim to build relationships not only with the children, but with the families as well. We are building up disciples of the future.

The two Klubs are now supported financially by Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together, and a number of the Klubs’ key leaders are given a small wage. We’re so blessed by this ministry and feel sure that it is going to grow and grow. Jesus is alive in Falmouth!

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