FPCT Community Needs Working Party report published

In March 2016, FPCT commissioned a small group to establish what the social needs of the community in Falmouth are, and how the churches might better meet them. The group, comprising members of St Mary’s RC Church, King Charles the Martyr, Falmouth Methodists and All Saints churches, was facilitated by Transformation Cornwall. They met from April-June 2016 and presented their findings to the FPCT AGM on 6 July.

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Summary of initial discussion at AGM on next steps

The FPCT Forum will meet on Thurs 22 September 2016 (2pm at Highway Church) to discuss the report in detail and decide what action to take. The report identifies a large number of challenges and a great variety of ideas to help tackle them – far more than we can immediately handle, so we need to establish priorities and develop a programme that will be make the most effective use of limited resources. We welcome all ideas, and encourage everyone to read the report and join in the discussion. Please e-mail your ideas and comments to info@falmouthchurchestogether.org.uk or use the contact form on this website – many thanks!

Falmouth and Penryn Community Needs Working Group Presentation