Filling Station : Mon 15 Feb

7.30-9.30pm, Penmorvah Manor Hotel

Speaker: Revd Lucy Larkintfs_logo@2x

All welcome

Lucy will speak on the theme of ‘The wonder and glory of the cross ’. Everyone is welcome, no-one is excluded. The Filling Station is for all faiths and none.

The Penmorvah is a warm, relaxed, comfortable venue. We promote a café-style atmosphere with hot coffee (or tea) and muffin.

Modern life can be frenetic, stressful and lonely. If you are searching for spiritual fulfilment, peace of mind or just contentment in this hectic world, come along, you will be gladly received and accepted.

To get to Penmorvah, if you do not have sat-nav, just follow the red ‘droplets’ (logo above). They will appear on the day we meet, on the Bickland Water Road and in Budock.

If you require transport to the hotel, it can be arranged, just phone 01326 378065 and we will sort it out. Why not bring a friend – or two, to this evening, it’s all free.