Daily Reflections for Creationtide : 1 Sep-4 Oct 2018

From the John Ray Initiative (JRI)
A series of daily reflections written by Revd Richard Clarkson for the Season of Creationtide in 2018 (which runs from September 1st to October 4th).  Each week we will post one of the reflections on the JRI blog, along with a week’s worth or reflections as a downloadable PDF.  These reflections offer opportunities for reflection and response each day.  They are not written with the purpose of convincing the reader that the world was indeed created by the God of the Bible.  Instead, it will look in a variety of ways at what it might mean to live within that created world, to help the reader to reflect on their place and role in the world that God has made, and to let that inform their faith.  The daily reflections will draw on a range of writers, thinkers, poets and storytellers from across the Christian tradition.

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