Men’s Breakfasts

The Falmouth Men’s Breakfasts resume on Sat 3 March 2018 at Membly Hall Hotel, 8.30-10am.

Christian Men’s Breakfast. Open to All. As this is the first one we will need to know numbers in advance- so the chef knows what to expect! Please text Leon on 07788805348 if you intend to come – much appreciated:)

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The FPCT Men’s Breakfasts were organised for many years by Phil Misselbrook, prior to his death in 2016.

Phil’s last report is below:

We have held four Men’s Breakfasts/Brunch over the past twelve months; the speakers have been Father Jon Bielawski, Rev Colin Biggs, Rev Malcolm Ward and Colin Green for CVM. For each meeting we have used the Membly Hall Hotel which has been a warm and welcoming venue with a really good breakfast laid on for us. Anything from 40 to over 60 guys have attended each time; I feel that it’s been a real blessing for the gentlemen as it enables them to have fellowship outside of their building.

There are always those who have been invited that are on the edge of Christianity, who have experienced the warmth of Christian men and have heard the Gospel spoken of in different ways. But we don’t seem to be reaching the next generation down with our average age being 60 ish?   As to the future of this, please feel free to give me some fresh ideas as to what, when and how this could be improved.