Justice and Peace Action Group & Prayers for Persecuted Christians

In 2014 FPCT formed a new group to raise awareness issues of justice, peace, poverty and persecution. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings and raise issues of potential concern to FPCT.

Meetings include prayer for persecuted Christians across the world.

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Next meeting:

FPCT Justice & Peace Action Group logo

Tues 11 July, 2-4pm

at St Mary’s Church Hall

Previous meetings:


Tues 13 Jun, 2-4pm: Safe, reliable, affordable, renewable energy? 

Mon 8 May, 1-3pm: Visit to Penryn Campus, Exeter University

Tues 11 Apr, 2-4pm: The Big Issue Issue

Tues 14 Mar, 2-4pm: Falmouth as a Fairtrade Town

Tues 14 Feb, 2-4pm: Visit to ShelterBox, Truro

Tues 10 Jan, 2-4pm: World Day of Peace 2017 :Celebration of Peace


Tues 13 Dec, 2-4pm: Looking back and looking forward

Tues 8 Nov, 2-4pm: Current issues

Tues 11 Oct, 2-4pm: Climate Change: A Christian Response  presentation (ppt) / presentation (pdf)  /  Christian Aid resources

Wed 28 September: Della Shenton: A Forgotten People: Migrants and Refugees Challenge us to respond with Christian Mercy
Speaker: Della Shelton, from Parishes for Peace: a UK charity working to support the local church in Jordan and the NGOs to support and facilitate communication and friendship between Christian families in the UK and the refugee families. An FPCT Justice & Peace Action Group Evening Meeting.

Tues 13 September: Pat Fitzpatrick: I was a stranger and you welcomed me

Tues 12 July: Alan Offord: Work with Schools

Tues 14 June: Jane Charman: Community Needs

Sat 14 May: Report on the Study Day Persecuted Christians: Where Next? at Truro Mthodist Church

Tues 10 May: The whole meeting devoted to Prayer for Persecuted Christians as part of the Archbishop’s Week of Prayer for the Nation, held at St Budock Church

Tues 12 Apr: Mary Bradley: The Changing Face of Mission

Wed 9 Mar : Big Fairtrade Breakfast, 9-11am

Tues 8 Mar: Pat FitzPatrick: Fair Trade

Tues 9 Feb: Nona Wright: Food Security at home and abroad

Tues 12 Jan: Mary Bradley: Looking Back and Looking Forward


Dec: From Footsteps to Pedal Power – Pedal to Paris: Dr Euan McPhee
Nov: Climate Change: the Paris Conference: Dr Euan McPhee
Oct: Refugees, the True Story: John Skinner
Sept: Racial Justice
July: “I was in prison and you remembered me”
May: People Trafficking: the local situation
April: Modern Slavery
March: Fair Trade
Feb: Climate Change
Jan: Migration
Oct: Integrity of Creation

Previous events

  • International Party, Saturday 6 June, 12-5pm
  • Modern Slavery Study Day, Truro, 11 April 2015

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